Quest of the um, wait, *what*?

I recall somebody commenting, long before I found out that I'm autistic, that I was focused on so many things intently at once that I gave the appearance of having ADD.  (The appearance, that is, because I have all of those things going on because I never entirely drop an interest.)

So I just spent some time copying lines out of Shay Addams' Official Book of Ultima for my mother, because we somehow ended up talking about... Actually, I'm not even sure how we got to it, but I ended up trying to relay a vaguely-recalled section about how the Dead Sea Scrolls claimed Jesus Christ wandered to India and became a Hindu yogi avatar.  I was kind of annoyed that I couldn't just find it online, so I shall excerpt the relevant part (because the book is now 18-20 years out of print):
"But while Christians say Christ was the Son of God, the Hindus say, no, you misinterpret it: he never said he was the Sun of God, Christ said he was one with God."
"[A] television documentary about the Dead Sea Scrolls [was] talking about the life of Christ, and digressed briefly into a period of time when he apparently traveled to India and other Hindu areas and studied with them for a while... The Hindus believe Christ was a very powerful yogi who, when he studied with them, attained the most powerful level, the avatar...the culmination of yogis...someone who has purified themselves in all 16 [described] ways."
 Now I need to go find out why the heck Pidgin keeps crashing, and research various things I need to obtain/replace as they're either frustratingly limited (newish cellphone bought on Black Friday), dying (external backup hard drive), parts to repair something that failed (monitor capacitors),  or my parents' Christmas gifts to me ("I don't know anything about __ but I know you need one, so here's the money, go do research and buy one").

Sod it.  I think I'll go find downloadable copies of the old Apple II disks to Legacy Of The Ancients  CRPG Addict is playing the DOS version and I don't recall it being quite that ugly on my IIgs back in the day...

Autism Buzz...kill

Just spent way too long writing a long reply to an irritatingly wrong article on autism on a site that styles itself as "intelligent" (HA HA HA), so I might as well share the results here...  What sucked the most was that until I submitted the damn comment, I couldn't see that responses aren't visible from the article, so I basically stayed up until almost 8am for nothing!