I need therapy. No, really...

Well, in upbeat news, I just finished sending a description of the main blogging/journal sites to someone on a local YahooGroup looking to get into it.  I now realize that I completely forgot what abilities the "compose" windows offer, like that Blogger acts like a word processor while some others (LJ?) require the user to manually type the HTML code in... Oops.

The past several days have left me so stressed that I'm amazed I can think at all...  We suddenly lost a seemingly-healthy cat without warning over the weekend, then another (that had at least been sick with renal failure for a while) crashed permanently on Monday. We're both now terrified that something in the house is causing this nightmare and will steal another one of our beloved kitties... Especially since another one had a seeming seizure in early July, and another died in March of abnormal renal failure. I dealt with it today by driving to Target and wandering around grabbing things we needed, then throwing myself into computer stuff after I finally got home. 

Damn, I intended to write a negative review on Cat Hospital of P--- and forgot... We called over there while IN the car, said our cat needed to be seen immediately and driving to another city wasn't an option as it was an emergency; they refused to see her anyway, and when Mom asked if they could please recommend another place, the receptionist said "nope" in a tone clearly conveying she was too bored by the request to bother looking or asking or anything. It's not the first time we've had that kind of rude experience with them, but I'd read that cat hospitals are the best in an emergency, so I gave it another go.

I also need to write a good review for Central Animal Hospital, which treated us very kindly when we showed up unannounced, and handled every step of the nightmare that way.  I hate the outcome, but I don't think anyone else could have done better, either.

But I don't know, I don't know, I don't know what the fuck could be causing this, and that terrifies me beyond measure if I let myself think about it.  I normally don't believe in the "deaths come in threes" superstition, but maybe if I'm really lucky, it will turn out to be true so we won't have any more crashes.

It's about time for my medical stuff & bedtime, plus my anxiety is skyrocketing out of control, so I have to get moving... Anyone reading this, please keep my clowder (and my sanity) in your thoughts...

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