Why be serious when I can have fun with it?

Out of all the sites I frequent, SFGate definitely has the highest ratio of people whose heads are firmly wedged where the sun doesn't shine.  One topic that tends to bring out the worst in people, for example, is fast food -- the whole Bay Area as a whole has a high ratio of jackarses in that regard, but I saw the worst example yet a little bit ago:
"Ugly" to describe fast food? I'm pretty sure it's the result of consuming that garbage that makes someone ugly. Inside and out.
At first, I only noticed the first 90% of what had been said -- the sheer magnitude of idiocy in such a small space was too much for my brain to handle -- and posted this in response:
Right, because people that eat only the "right" food are always much nicer than ones that would ever go near a fast-food joint, and would never ever do something vulgar like judge how good a person is by their restaurant choices.

(That was sarcasm, in case you were too busy enjoying your superiority complex to notice...)
After pasting his words here, I realized my mistake, and knew I had to fix my oversight, so I added this:
I overlooked the and-on-the-outside aspect of your bizarre comment... Without making the obvious insult, I'll just give you some "advice" -- you shouldn't make comments suggesting you can't see other human beings while sounding like a troll, or eventually you'll be asked whether you suffer from cranial rectal syndrome...

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