Argh at Blogger's Web Interface!

I was about to write all about the leap to WYSISWYG both as a kid & as an adult blogger, which was inspired by my frustrated fumbling with links in Blogger's web interface.
Unfortunately, Blogger's web interface mixed with Firefox 3.6 is literally migraine-inducing for me... Even with global Stylish CSS applied to keep it from being snow-blinding white, there's just something that really bugs my eyes about it.
Ironically, before I was going to rant about that issue, I was going to write about some interesting console apps I was planning to check out...and which I'm now likely going to end up using to write my next post.  So, I'll go check the applicable programs out, see if I can write/post with them, and then hopefully return (though likely after I act as chauffeur for my mother's errands).

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