I can't win, glasses or none

The other day, I was at Target and decided to try out a pair of reading glasses in the lowest diopter (?) they offered, 1.0... Since I have to periodically enlarge fonts to compensate for migraine & Chiari issues messing with my vision, I figured that simple reading glasses would help. At the store, they magnified things nicely without warping them like all of the "Dean Edell" ones from the drugstore my mother usually buys.
Well, I just tried them for a lark, despite not having any problems... They still seem to do a good job at magnifying without warping, and my sight had no problem snapping back to "normal" once I took them off... However, I'm now nursing the early visual signs of a Chiari/migraine!
I'll have to talk to my mother about this, but for now I have to go give the cat his fluid treatment. Sigh -- I just can't win, can I?

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  1. my poor cat is 14, and limping a lot... makes me sad.